Monday, June 28, 2010

Crowdsourcing Strategies, Your Key to Member Engagement - Part 2

Crowdsouring is the key to engaging your members in a private social network. Whether you want market information, choose a new logo for your organization, or engage in industry discussions, Crowdsourcing is the ultimate member engagement tool to find innovative solutions that reach your members where they are.

Last week we covered the first three essentials in Crowdsourcing, which are:
  1. Define Your Objective For Reaching Out
  2. Define the Crowd to Reach out To
  3. Be Loud and Clear in Your Objective
This week, we cover the next three essential keys to Crowdsourcing:
  • Clarify the Process
  • Have a Deadline
  • Reward Good Behavior
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Crowdsourcing: Your Key to Member Engagement Pt 1

I'm very excited to begin getting serious about a weekly post of key information that can be significant in helping fellow associations establish and sustain an effective Social Media Strategy.  I feel public social media sites, like Facebook, are not the long term solution.  It is very important associations start today to develop a strategy to launch a private social network, giving them total control of their online process for member engagement.

I am going to start this week with an 8-week video blog series on the biggest element of online member connection: Crowdsourcing. Each Monday morning, a new video blog post will appear from The power of is that it comes from the view of an Association Executive just like you.

To view Part 1 on Effective Crowdsourcing Strategies at, CLICK HERE.