Association Revolution Challenge

Association studies show the number one reason members cancel membership is "Lack of Engagement."  This has led over 65% of associations to make increasing member engagement their #1 priority.

I have been living and teaching member engagement strategies over the last several years.  Our association has seen amazing growth in retention, non-dues revenue and net-worth the last 9 years.  1,000% in net worth and 133% in annual non-dues revenue are just 2-areas of growth.

My Association Revolution Challenge is a strategy planning session like no other.  Totally engaging, fun and motivational. This program is focused on delivering you the ideas and strategy you need to maximize your value proposition and membership engagement.  Why?  Become Membership Engagement Solved Everything.

Here is a sample testimony from my session:

Our best Board Retreat in five years! In the past we have used leadership consultants, strategic planners, and ASAE folks, but you brought a whole new perspective to the table. Your insights, knowledge and the fact that you are in the trenches every day running an association made all the difference in the world. You understand the Board/Staff dynamics and your enthusiasm is infectious. You kept us engaged, on track and made everyone think both inside and outside the box.

Ernie Hartong - CEO
American Residential Cleaning Services International

This is just one of many happy clients.

Some of the keys your leadership and staff will take away include:
  • The difference between managing and leading an association
  • The 10-keys to maximizing member engagement and association strength
  • The keys to recruiting new members
  • How to choose and build non-dues revenue programs
  • How to enhance innovation in your board, and get them to take action
  • The key metrics you need to be following to make timely and effective change
  • How to reach the younger generation
  • What an effective communication strategy looks like
  • How you can benefit from the coming economic boom
The Association Revolution Challenge entails the following;

  • Your leadership will take a demographic study I have put together to gather up front feedback on what everything feels about the current direction of the association.
  • I will deliver in a printed report the results of the above survey.
  • I will deliver my 90 minute How to Get Members to Scream Your Name and Beg For More teaching the above learning objectives.
  • I will facilitate your leadership through 7-mini breakouts where you will design your membership engagement priorities for the next 24-months.
I look forward to working with your association.