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Our best Board Retreat in five years! In the past we have used leadership consultants, strategic planners, and ASAE folks, but you brought a whole new perspective to the table. Your insights, knowledge and the fact that you are in the trenches every day running an association made all the difference in the world. You understand the Board/Staff dynamics and your enthusiasm is infectious. You kept us engaged, on track and made everyone think both inside and outside the box.

Ernie Hartong - CEO
American Residential Cleaning Services International

Comments from Mark Landreth - President of the Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists

Comments from Bennett Napier, CAE - President/CEO of the Partners in Association Management

Comments from Eric Szymanski - Senior Sales Manager of Walt Disney World Resorts

Like many, when I logged onto your webinar on Maximizing Member Engagement, I opened another program at the same time to multitask while I listened.  All I can say is I didn't get a thing done because your presentation was so mesmerizing.  Every time I would try and look away, you would go into another set of incredible content.  I thought your presentation was right on point and awesome!

Laurie Dougherty
AWWA Technical and Educational Council (TEC)

All my interactions and endeavors with Tom have not only been successful, they've been widely renowned by myself and every person I know.  Tom is both admired and sought for his association leadership, speaking and best practices on game-changing strategies and execution. He's a widely recognized thought leader on topics of innovation, business development and ROI planning for associations.  As a vendor who's worked with Tom for over 5 years, he's been proven as progressive and innovative while practical and economical.  He negotiated the best deal we've ever given to a customer because of his foresight of the value his association could bring through exposure of a our success story.  Our partnership has since flourished.

Sterling Raphael
President - Avectra Labs

Bravo!  You and Mandy came in as our #1 panel.  You were excellent & achieved what we had hoped to achieve.

Helen Sramek
Operations Lifesavers, Inc.

I love how I can listen to you speak positive and then instantly enjoy my next breath of fresh air.  I am very grateful for you in my life.... 

Shawn Thayil

I enjoyed meeting you so much in Vail last week.  Your enthusiasm is totally contagious, but more than that your insight was inspiring to me.  You are the real deal and it shows.  You brought our humanness out in a way that was engaging for people at all levels.  Your fearlessness to delve into the deep aspects of our human nature, and how our past lives affect our success in business, as well as in our personal lives, is truly a gift.  I learned something every time you spoke, and in particular, your closing session nearly brought me to tears.  I wrote frantically as you reminded me of what is really important to me.  

Laura Fallbach -
Partner - Association Media Partners

Thank you so much for speaking at CSAE.  I can't believe you pulled off three keynotes with so many practical ideas.  Our organization hasn't had that kind of energy buzzing around in years.   One member upon departing commented that she was leaving with so many amazing ideas that she was challenged as to which ones to tackle first.  She stated she was very energized and committed to taking action on them.

Joan Tezak
CEO - Colorado Society of Association Executives

Tom, is an outstanding speaker who not only has great ideas, but brings the understanding of being an association executive to the meeting.  He can discuss board issues, technology concerns, and all the people challenges (volunteers and staff) that might affect us, as he also has to run his own organization.  Tom wants to help all become better leaders of their association.  And, most importantly he CARES . . . he’ll invest in your meeting to ensure that it is a success!

Dave Kanagy, CAE
Executive Director - Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration
Colorado Society of Association Executives 2012 President

I greatly enjoyed your presentations, your energy, and your attitude towards change.

Betsy Kominsky
Partner - Association Media Partners

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