Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Member Engagement Solves Everything.... An Interview With Tom Morrison

As we have completed another year at our association and I look back at our success in Board innovation, program participation, past presidents staying involved, leadership development, next generation involvement, non-dues revenues programs growing and active volunteerism, it boils down to one factor:  MEMBER ENGAGEMENT

It is crucial if you are going to pull your association into a place of growth, strength and overall loyalty that you have an intentional membership engagement strategy in every area.

Recently I was interviewed by the Michigan's Business Network as a part of an online radio program with the Michigan Society of Association Executives on how engagement impacts associations, staff and volunteers.  Every employee of your association should listen to this program.

CLICK HERE to visit the radio interview page.

IMPORTANT: Once on the page, scroll to bottom and click on the PLAY Icon.

Make member engagement your top priority in 2015 and 2016. If your current members aren't engaged, what makes you think non-members will want to join.

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