Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PARTY: To Refresh, Revive, Energize

We are now on the final "P" in the Power of "P" series.  This "P", in some sense, is the most powerful "P" of all because it is the one you actually engage in, that brings out the "real you"...he one that drives your inner soul to refresh your spirit in life.  It's the PARTY in all of us.

Let me ask you something.  What do you think of when you hear someone say.... "That guy/girl knows how to Party?"  I'm always amazed when the word "Party" is used in the same sentence with someone's name, people associate that person as being a crazy drinker, out until 4 a.m., or takes things past the extreme.

I want to change your thinking on the word PARTY.

You see, to me, being someone who knows how to really "Party in life"means you know how to live life within your world that engages your inner most soul, refreshes your spirit, energizes your emotions, and strengthens your body.

For some, Partying is sitting on a beach reading a good book.  Others, it's hiking through the mountains taking in the awesomeness of creation.  For others, like me, it is dancing to amazing music deep into the night.  I love the energy and exercise of dancing.  It's an activity that makes me feel incredible both emotionally and physically, especially when I'm out with my closest friends.

If you have been told your entire life that it's a sign of growing up to leave the excitement of your youth, and go out and living life, then I would encourage you to turn away from that thinking.  Embrace the concept that you can "Party Like a Rock Star" in life and also be great at what you do...as well as be responsible.

Life is about a blend and balance.  To feel the ultimate joy in life, it's imperative you have a blend and balance of fun, excitement, social networking, and responsible purpose.

ACTION STEP:  Think about what engages your soul and do it as often as you can.  As I always say during our conferences.... LETS PARTY!!!!

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